Festool's CT mini vac

Introducing the Festool CT mini. The folks at Festool asked me to run this new addition through its paces, and I've got to say I was pretty impressed. It has all the same features as its larger extractor with a slight less suction and much lighter. It has a smaller hose, but the same famous Festool flexibility and length as the larger model.

Its great for jobsite, which is what they had in mind designing this sweetheart. It still holds the tool sustainers (boxes) on the top, and still has the same feature with using tools and the automatic on switch used by activation by the tool trigger.

Its also a wet and dry vac, and also has special dust filters that catch it all. When they told me of the slightly less suction, I thought I'd put it though its paces. There's nothing messier than working with drywall in my book. I had to replace this window unit, and of course, chunks of sheet rock, and dust were all over the place.

Now..... I wasn't expecting too much due to being told it was slightly less than the larger model as far as suction but whoaaaaaa...... it was a race getting through and a slight tough of the finger, and these chunks quickly got sucked up with no problem at all. This picture was taken while the machine is on. If I were to shut it down, those chunks would hit the floor!

Note the length of the hose and tool cord. My other shop vac, has a short and thicker hose that's just a royal pain in the neck to use, and hose disconnecting all the time. This is without a doubt, the nicest jobsite workhorse I've ever seen. Its so new, Festool is just now bringing it into the country and I think this baby will become real popular with pro's as well as hobbyists.

I got to try it today with my belt sander on a small project. I felt it was a tad under powered and picked up only about 50% as oppossed to the larger unit getting 95%.