Tool reviews
to so many e mails, and so much interest in tools I have, I decided to list some of the more popular tools and reviews with links from a "Users" perspective. Lots of rumors, innuendo, and just plain misinformation from non users out there, and thought this would be so much better for those interested in some of these tools mentioned. These are my own tools that I use on a regular basis, and in no way is this page set up to promote any particular company, but simply enlighten the reader as to the quality, use, and my opinions.

Grizzly's 1023 Cabinet saw

Grizzly's 1079 24" drum sander

Festool system (circular saw, guide and extractor)

Festool 150-E sander

Wooden smoothing Plane (Clark & Williams)

Forrest Blades

Festool HL 850 E hand planer

Grizzly's Model G10672Z Heavy duty lathe

Vega 36" PRO Duplicator

The Sop Fox benchtop Mortiser

The G0550 Grizzly 8"x75"jointer


Festool's CT mini

Festool's cordless 12V drill

Festools V600 dovetail and router

Logosol sweedish chain saw mill

The GO5O 12 1/2" Grizzly portable planer